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New Zealand T-shirts

These New Zealand t-shirts are available from size small to XX Large. This selection of t-shirts is the top selling range from our store. They have all been in our top ten t-shirts range at one time or another. They are unisex and come in the colors stated. They are all prewashed so should not shrink. The pictures below are of the front of the t-shirts. We find the tshirts speak for themselves, so have look!


T-shirts have been worn since the early 19th century mainly as undergarments; although in more recent times have been worn as a one piece garment with nothing on top. T-shirts traditionally do not have buttons or zips. T-shirts became increasingly popular in the USA after the US Navy were issued with t-shirts during the Spanish American war. They were named t-shirts due to the shape of the garments outline. In 1959 specialty inks were invented that could flex without flaking off and so t-shirt advertising and many slogans was born.



New Zealand T-shirts
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