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Photo Frames

Often the perfect gift for someone going away, or after a special occasion to remind us of loved ones. Photo frames are genuinely appreciated by everyone. These New Zealand Made Photo Frames are made from sustainable NZ Native Rimu.

Photo frames can be used as gifts for many different occasions. They are great for Christmas and birthdays of course. Mothers day and Fathers day are great reasons to buy a photo frame and perhaps even put some photos of yourself or a loved one in it. This is rarely done but a fantastic idea as its a gift that's ready to go straight on the wall or onto a shelf without any involvement necessary. If you are not sure what to buy someone as you don't know them that well just buy a photo frame and let them put their own photo in it. It is always appreciated as a gift buy virtually anyone and we have a large variety of styles and designs for you to choose from. Most can hang and stand up but we have labelled them for you so you can be certain of getting the right frame for the right purpose.

Photo Frames
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