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7 Starlight Arcade
Taupo, New Zealand

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We are situated at the north end of Lake Taupo, which is in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand. It is believed that Lake Taupo was created by a Super Volcano or a series of volcanoes. It is the largest freshwater lake in Oceania, being 616 square Kilometres. To drive around the perimeter of the lake would mean you would cover 193 Kilometres. It takes about 3 hours as the road is very windy. It is also very popular for the Wattyl cycle challenge which is very big international cycle race. (not everyone makes it to the finish). Lake Taupo's deepest point is 186 meters. It connects to and drains away into the Waikato river. Our shop is right in the middle of town and is directly opposite the movie theatre.